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We want to thank you for visiting this site as we feel that you’ve come to the right place to find a high quality booth at an affordable price. You’ll see that we give several options in regards to pricing as we make every attempt to cater to your needs for your special event!

We understand how much time and effort you’re putting into the special event you’re planning whether it be a Wedding, Personal Party, Company Party, School Event, Corporate Event and so many others! You want to make sure you make this event a complete success and that starts with the time and effort you’ve spent researching things to make your event fun and entertaining to you and your guests!

We strive for professionalism, yet understand that pricing is always a main factor so we will assure you that the service you receive from Picture It More is of the highest standard as we’ve taken the time to hand select just the right booth and internal components to meet your needs. Investing in only top quality studio equipment, we are still able to offer you a reasonable price along with professional service.

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